Plagiarized Thoughts

I’m not going to patronize you by saying that you must know what plagiarism means or that you should have prior knowledge of it, however if your studying requires a lot of writing or academic research you should know it. Basically plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and putting it as yours without citing it, even paraphrasing sometimes leads to plagiarism if you do not acknowledge the place it came from (more info here). Bottom line plagiarism is stealing and if anything whoever plagiarized does not have the mind of his own to think of his own words and/or admit that there is someone out there who spoon fed him the ideas without them knowing.

Here is the good news I’m not going to talk about plagiarism as in the copy materials thing however I’m going to talk about it as individuality. One of the many things that just make me choke right inside is seeing a person who is a copy form of others. Their identity is wiped off as if it never existed. Never is their thoughts made of what they believe but to whatever others hands them down to. They never look at a certain thought and say “This is a piece of information I’m given, I look at it more deeply and see if it suits my beliefs or not” except they snatched it and dig it deep into their brains without even considering it. This is plagiarized thoughts.

I do not speak of those who actually have reasoning behind their thoughts I’m speaking of those if you discuss a point they believe in they do not have a say only because they do not actually believe in it but believed in other beliefs without questioning it or endorsing it. That is sad .. actually more than sad.. it is a failed attempt of copying and pasting.

I do not ask you to revolt nor do I ask you to go against your beliefs but I do ask you to know what you believe in.

Do not copy and past.

It is true we are a part of a whole however that whole is nothing without each individual thoughts of ours.

-Esperanza Writes

2 thoughts on “Plagiarized Thoughts

  1. Totally agree with u, we live in a society that people r not even bothering to know what they believe or like, just copy someone else u see good enough. That’s horrible and people should start digging deep in their mind and heart to know their true self and belief.

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