Do You Hate Me?

Since the end of last semester I have been accidentally involved with English day. Now English day  is basically two days in Kuwait University by the English department (obviously) that students from the same department do some acting and presenting …etc. The first day is for presentations under three categories 1. Literature 2. Linguistics 3. Current affairs. The second day is for plays (I think that is all).

I’m participating in the first day with a nine minutes presentations with a friend of mines talking about a literature story where we have joined both different research papers (ours) into one presentation. This required months of planning, thinking, stressing, and adjusting. Yes we are basically two nerds who worked so hard on this presentation.

Me trying to point out my point of view

Except this is my first time ever to present in front of an audience (not counting the play that I acted in with a minor role in high school where I kinda forgot my lines while performing) so I asked our Doctor (that is our instructor through the presentations) to make an audience during our rehearsals so I could adjust through it and see how my “stuttering and nerves” goes. Before yesterday’s rehearsal by an hour or so my friend and I rehearsed and I was having difficulties with the closing statement because we just wrote it this week with the help of the Doctor, yet I managed to do it. And we went to the auditorium that was full with both girls and guys and we were the second to go.

My hands flying all over the place, obviously

My heart was beating so hard yet I managed to go through the presentation with a little of stuttering and few hands flying all over the place but otherwise it was fine… UNTIL.. the closing statement where went smoothly through the first couple sentences but then suddenly my brain went dead.. like dead then stay silent, turn to my friend whisper a “sorry”, then as I just was about to proceed I see my Doctor shaking his head, then I stop again and say “Do you hate me?” Which made everybody crack and then I just do realize what I have said and laugh as well!! Except the Doctor wasn’t shaking his head for me but for someone else!! Then I completed quickly the rest.. yet I seriously do not know what happened to me asking this question ;p

Me laughing at the end realizing what I just said

 In two weeks is my actual presentation (9th of may) and I’m really hoping I do not throw in an awkward comment such as yesterday. I’ve been rehearsing since yesterday till now so I would not lose myself to a larger audience later on.

Piece of advice: No matter how much you get stuck with your presentation for God sake do not ask the Doctor whether he hates you or not.. avoid emotional comment.. notes taken.. hopefully.

Wish me luck!

p.s: I did not put my friends picture because I have not asked permission. She is awesome with the presentation and surely she did not ask if the Doctor hates her or not ;p

-Esperanza Writes

6 thoughts on “Do You Hate Me?

  1. Stage fright… Well it common, but the effect varies… Why you hate me??? Come on… 🙂
    but at least its out of your system… and you did a smart approach to your presentation by asking for an audience for practice, so try to give yourself more credit.
    Good luck, you can Ace it, but only if you want to and worked hard for it.

    1. My version of “do you hate me?” means “are u mad at me for screwing up and going to punch me for that?” ;p
      yeah I’m pretty happy with asking for it at least i know how it feels like to be infront of an audience.
      I will and thanks a lot!

  2. Looooool that was hilarious in a way 🙂

    A word of advice that I usually take when presenting, don’t over think it just go with the flow and don’t try to memorize or organize ur thoughts. If u know what u really wanna present ur mind will take over and put the right words and sentences but if u concentrate while doing the presentation u will end up interrupting ur mind process and end up forgetting things, basically it’s like u and ur brain arguing while ur audience wait for u to talk. Go with the flow an don’t over think it.

    That’s my simple advice and trust me as weird as it is it does work.

    Best of luck and I’m sure u r gonna Rock 🙂

    1. what can i say I’m born with a humor side ;p
      I tried that but i seem to get nervous more when i put in my own words. but i will keep practising on this techinque until the presentation: taking the advice from the boss!
      Thanks a lot.. need all the luck! thanks!! 🙂

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