[Past Post] You’re Late for Your Flight

One of the things that I feel grateful for is the subject I took through my eight years in middle-high school (mainly talks about how to deal with life and such).
This is something I learned from it and I would gladly add my own words and share them with my readers.
Let’s all view together this scenery ok? Alright … here we go.
You have booked this trip to this bizarre place you wanted to, since ages ago. And today is your flight, you wake up late and you late to your flight. You quickly drive to the airport and run with your luggage. And “BAM” you bump into someone that someone is then throws in a bunch of rude comments. What do you do?
You’ve got two choices:

  1. You can stand there and reply with a rudder comment.      And start a fight while there are only a couple minutes to spare to the      late flight. Hence, you’re missing on the flight.
  2. Or you could simply ignore and retreat to your path and      catch the flight of your dreams.

I know I would go for number two that’s a sure thing. I wouldn’t I repeat wouldn’t waste such an opportunity that I’ve waiting for since forever for a, and I put into quotation, “Stupid” “Worthless” thing.

This is life the flight is your goal you’ve set up for yourself. The rude person is all the obstacles, negative things, along with actually people who put you down in a way or another. Don’t waste your time on such things.

Everything is worthless, a small trifle to your life when there is a divine place to go to.


Think about it…

-Esperanza Writes

2 thoughts on “[Past Post] You’re Late for Your Flight

  1. That’s a good piece of your mind you are sharing… I had my share of choice 1 in my high school and junior school times, I had that ugly duckling phase, I remember looking at a picture of mine and thought ‘You know what… I really deserved it’ LOL
    But jokes aside… we grow up, and realize that those things doesn’t matter, and eventually, you discover what’s important 🙂

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