Meet My Gal

Over the past few months my bestie (meaning my best friend in the whole wide world “kid style) about her being an occasional author here and so today I came to announce her being a part of this blog.

I do not know how to introduce her in the most proper way but I’ll try my best because someone like her the words fail to acknowledge her. And even though she told me to send her a copy of the introduction before I publish it I refuse it fully as I want it to be a surprise to her as it is to you, she said ok but with some rules.. e7m. She has not decided on what name should she be under but meanwhile it is “RJA007” in the meantime. Yes you do see a James Bond code in the end apparently she thinks it is cool and even though I told her that using her original name with the spelling she uses it awesome, but meh ;p. I even told her to chose a name than “Writes” after it so we could be come the “Writes sisters” (lame I know) but also no.. she is still thinking. She will be posting whenever she felt like it, what I’m saying is that she is an occasional writer when some times she will write a lot and some times not it is according to her time and mood (secretly though I think she will post more often when she is in a bad mood) so expect and don’t. For me I do not mind what does she decides as long as she is here.

Now who is RJA007?  She is the girl I met in high school, 10th grade. She was a newbie and I was a vintage student. I do not remember how we clicked but we did and ever since we became inseparable like old collocated words. She knows everything I mean EVERYTHING about me excluding the everyday boring life details.. even this she probably knows.. (Do you R?). She is my thinking mind when mines refuses to think. She is my half forever and always. She is always there for me.. I remember once calling her last semester just so I could pour my heart and shed some tears (TMI?).  I love her so much to the extinct I’m willing to marry her if I could, and this is not lesbianism talk but girl-proud-of-girl talk. Whenever we see each other we act like we did not see each other in centuries and allow ourselves at least a minute grace of hugs, and say our goodbyes in hugs as well. She is the awesome-st girl ever because of course she is my friend ;p (kidding about the because friend thing). Um.. what else. Oh yeah she is a bachelor who has a diploma degree, on her way to getting a college degree and waiting for the bling bling to come by (don’t kill me R I’m kidding ;p). And even though we chose different study paths we managed to be together for the 5th year now I guess 🙂

Surprisingly enough I just knew about her abilities to write when she sent me a file of something she wrote telling me to comment on it and show my opinion. She didn’t use to write until just now and let me say I wouldn’t allowed her to be a part of this blog. I actually begged her at first to publish her writings on my blog but she refused.. let’s hope she shows her magic now and here. I’m not sure when she will start but just in case if it is her you will know as I normally sign my posts. Not a genius thing to figure out huh?

Anyway without furthermore talk here is my beloved gal RJA007!! I love you in Allah girl!!

-Esperanza Writes

2 thoughts on “Meet My Gal

  1. Thank you esperanza ! I got so emotional when I read what you wrote about it me…it is soooooo sweet, and just for the record my feelings are mutual…. I will introduce myself to the readers and post one of my writngs that you already read…I hope I can establish a good readers base…Wish the best for both of us …

    Love you deariest friend

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