Esperanza (The Story) Chapter 8 “Fever” part 1

Without further explanations if it is your first time and you haven’t read the previous chapters here is the link otherwise enjoy!

The robe that’s in the story

Because fever means a lot -Esperanzish Proverb

The next day I woke up realizing that they will transfer me into a governmental hospital. Despite that I told them to do whatever they wanted to do and decide, I panicked. What if they put me in a bed with other other beds and patients? What if everyone will be watching me, passing by me in this sick bed being looked at publicly? I did not want that! I did not want to be exposed to the public for nearly a week! I do not want to deal with other people that I do not know! I do not want to deal with public bathrooms that are not cleaned well! I knew that sounded shallow and pathetic because others who were brought up into a poor situation cannot have the choice to pick, but on the other hand I had the privilege and I could avoid it.  I do apologize for those who will be offended by my words but if you were given the choice what will you take?

I told my mother that I do not want to go maybe it will be better if I stayed here. However, she said everything will be fine and I would be transferred. I was put in a stretcher and into the ambulance I went with three drains attached to my stomach. My very first ambulance ride. I was scared and I feared the ride from falling every minute. It was bumpy and uncomfortable. I could feel the eyes on me all the time. And I was too tired and sleepy, from the after surgery fever and pain.

We arrived, my mom and I, at the hospital and thanks to Allah then the nepotism my Doctor went through we got a private room. Not that clean but still it is private  and that equals all.

I was admitted into the room and transferred from the stretcher to the bed. Being half asleep I did not realize that an X-ray machine was brought into the room. I did not realize that a doctor was in while I was not wearing my hijab well. I did not realize that the firm hands that pulled me up for metallic X-ray piece to be put under my back was my no other than my brother’s. Until the X-ray was over and I was back to sleep.

Days passed as I tried hard to recover. Walking myself back and forth in this little room, making sure that the pain does not make a habit of staying. Fever slowly starts to go away and I start nagging to get the drains pulled out of my organs. And it happened, after a week I got to go home, start eating again and be a happy girl because I got over this with Allah’s help.

However this did not last long. Fever came back again.

[to be continued]

Esperanza Writes

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