How hard could it possibly be to confess??

Have you ever paused for a minute to ask yourself the following question: Shall I confess?? Or shall I keep it to myself?  I bet you all did at a certain point in your lives, but how hard could it possibly be to answer that question, or basically how hard could it be to take the action of CONFESSION?

Confessing means “reveling the truth”, reviling the truth as they say “shall set you free”. Regardless of how pleasant, motivating, and positive this expression sounds, sometimes it gets so hard to take the action of confession…….

I too have a confession to make, but fear is holding me back……fear of the consequences of telling the truth to the person who should hear it from me and no one else…… Due to my fear am keeping the truth, but there’s a voice inside my head telling me that not reviling the truth will only make it harder for me to cope with it as I won’t get the chance to see what is going to happen if I actually confessed….. So I reached a point where I had enough, I just wanted to say it out loud, not caring about anything but to get the burden of off my chest, and that voice in my head is shouting out loud and giving me the courage to set myself free, when there was a moment in which I only heard that voice a louder voice made me pause for a second, a voice that made me pause for a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, and another year……..yes my dear friends, I was so close to let it out but that voice, the loud voice of FEAR pulled me back again, and here I am now, writing while am still living an internal conflict whether to confess or not, and I began asking myself again: “ What if I confessed? What’s after that?” and the answer came none!!!

You might read this and next thing you do is writing a comment saying “just do it!!” but it is not as easy as you might assume……because once the words come out of your mouth, there’s no way to take them back and all you have to do is to bare with the consequences brought by that courage you had for a fraction of a second and decided to set yourself free. So the question that arises here is: “Is it worth confessing? Or should I remain puzzled for the rest of my life for not giving it a shot??”

If you ever found an answer then congratulations, you are no longer a prisoner of “Question”, you are simply a “FREE” soul.

7 thoughts on “How hard could it possibly be to confess??

  1. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life, and at the same time, the most valorious courageous thing as well. I thank Alllah everyday that I did, cuz I really don’t know what would’ve happened to me if I didn’t!

    P.S. and I think you already confessed..

  2. OK seriously am not getting anything from your comments !!!! What’s going on in here??/ someone explain please

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