10 ways to “Happiness”

It is part of “human’s” nature to seek what we call “happiness”. Every action we take, every word we say, is a result of “us” wanting to obtain “happiness”. During my short life, I have learned that obtaining happiness could be so easy, but sometimes it could seem impossible. Whether it is impossible or “a piece of cake” it all depends on how you see it or want to see it. If I were to define “what is happiness”, I would say that no words could describe it the best. It is a funny feeling; it tickles all your emotions, and brings peace to your mind and soul. I happen to be one of those who would see happiness as “impossible”, or at least I was, but over the past few years I came to realize that “I” can be “happy” too, just few techniques could turn that frown on my face to a wonderful smile. I might be right and I might be wrong, but I will list some ways to happiness that I have learned over that past few years hoping that those “ways” could at least put a smile on your faces.

1. Ignore people:

Satisfying “humans” is a hopeless case. Ignore their opinions and comments for a while ; because no matter what you do, and no matter how you hard you try, they will never ever be 100% satisfied with whatever you do in your life time. To make sure no one uses this method in a wrong way, I would like to tell you the following; you as a grown up should know when to ignore and when not to, because you might ignore their opinions and comments, however, you can’t deny their existence. You “at the right time” should consider certain factors before taking an action or saying a word such as culture, religion, and society, after all, you don’t want to hurt someone by your ignorance!!

2. Just be yourself:

“Just be yourself, because everyone else is taken”. Do not fake who you are, if you are a fun person, keep on being fun, if you are a quite one, keep on being one, don’t fake characteristics that don’t resemble you to impress others. If you think you are good, then be proud of what you are and how you look, talk, walk, and dress up. Don’t be something that is not you, because eventually you will feel lost and you would no longer be able to tell who you really are, and I guarantee you, being lost is not an amusing feeling.

3. Be honest, true, and transparent:

Don’t lie to others, don’t keep your feelings towards them hidden in your heart, don’t say something behind someone else and say the other in front of her/him. Always tell the truth even if it might cost you something, simply because “the truth shall set you free”. Telling the truth might cost you winning the first prize in some competition, but when it costs you the loss of someone you love, here you start asking yourself “is it worth telling the truth?”…. Well the answer is YES. Suppose one day you decided to be honest with your friend and tell her/him that you don’t like that fact that she/he is bossy…well..Pause for a second, because here comes the most important part….. it is important when you tell someone how you feel about them to use the appropriate words, body language, environment, situation, and timing. If you don’t want to lose your beloved one, consider those factors. Telling the truth about a lie that you have said or an exam that you have cheated on will not be an easy task but….it just feels great when you sleep at night with a clear conscience.

4. Be grateful:

Look around you, and put yourself in someone’s shoe. Look at those who have way worse conditions than you do. When your dad refuses to buy you the car you “Really, really” want, think of someone who’s both legs are amputated and the only way for him to reach his destination is an old wheelchair that he was barely able to afford. Now compare yourself to this person, can’t you already see all the blessings that you have around but you never appreciate them? Don’t you already feel grateful for being alive at this moment reading this very post?? Just by looking at ourselves in the mirror we should be more than grateful for every single thing we have even if they were almost invisible to us.

5. Treat people as you like to be treated:

If you like to be respected, then respect others, if you like to be listened to, then listen to others. When you treat people they way you like them to treat you, all you will do are good deeds, simply because you like to be treated good.

6. Find your purpose:

This could be the hardest thing to do, especially for people in our ages. Finding out “what do you live for” is not an easy task, however, you should ask yourself that question one day and you should seek for the answers within you. Having a sense of purpose in life will guide you to do right in every step you take.

7. Love and be loved:

It is such a wonderful feeling when your heart pumps fast when you see a certain person, this gives you a reason to wanting to live….you want to live for those who you love because they mean a lot to you.. Just loving someone is not enough; you also need to be loved to feel your value in life, and the way to others hearts are your deeds of course. Just be good, and people will love you for sure.

8. Unleash your anger:

When you’re mad at your instructor don’t go and shout out at your friend as a way of unleashing your anger…that is certainly not the appropriate way even if you have a very understanding friend. When you are mad don’t keep your anger locked in you, if you kept on doing that, you will develop some negative behaviors on the long run. So what is the best way to unleash your anger?? The answer is easy…..find yourself a hobby that calms you down such as painting, writing, or listening to music maybe, for some people they might tend to kick some of those bags that boxers use to practice boxing, some might calm down by jumping. Just find the best way that relaxes you, a way that will help you unleash your anger on emotionless and soulless objects, but not humans.

9. Fake a smile:

I know that previously I have criticized faking; however, this one is an exception. Fake a smile no matter what you are going through. Fake a smile not to deceive people and give them the impression that you are happy, yet do it for yourself. When you are in a terrible mood because let’s say you had a fight with someone, just put on a smile even if you don’t want to, even if it was so hard for you to do so, because that smile you fake will help you pass through that negative feeling easily even if you don’t realize that, because that smile, that positive attitude will give a message to your brain that “everything is just fine!!”.

10. Be immortal:

There’s no doubt that we all will go back to dust we are walking on now, but yet, you still can be immortal. When you still have the blessing of “life” contribute to the society and leave an unforgettable trace behind you, a good deed, or a good word you once did or said, will make people always remember, value, and respect you. A good deed, a good word will make you memorable, and therefore happy, either in this life or the other one later on.

Happiness is not everyone’s right, think of those men killing hundreds of innocent children every week; do you think they deserve to be happy?? Well, I doubt it. If you think you deserve happiness, then be happy, after all it you who you are living for, if you didn’t make yourself happy, no one else will no matter how hard they try….it’s you who can bring happiness to the remaining of your life.

Enjoy it!


One thought on “10 ways to “Happiness”

  1. This is AMAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a great job R!! really this is bizarre!! I really hope and pray to Allah that you live happiness within and out! oh and “7. Love and be loved” I love you girl from the deepest part of my heart!
    Keep up the good work!! seriously!!

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