The following may be a description of my view or what I see, it is not necessarily the same situation for everyone of you. Having said that, this also does not mean that it is not your case. You know the moments where you think that you are the only one in the world who does a certain thing or thinks in a certain way and then you mention it to someone and turns out you are not after all the only person with that certain thing/thinking? Well this might be the case here.  That being cleared let us move on.

You know when you just stand there looking at the highway either from your window or from anywhere else (in my case from my bedroom window) where you just keep on looking, thinking but not really thinking of anything? When you decide that while you are at it you might as well count how many red cars pass (or in your case it might be another color). Then you start counting onetwothreefourteen… probably a quarter of an hour had passed and you are still counting… thirtythirty-one… then you wake up, realizing things. Realizing that you might have counted the same red car twice, that the same red car might have been going back and forth. You realize that you could go on and on till eternity and not be able to count all the red cars passing. Realizing it is more or less like counting the stars. Then realizing that what you were doing is just nonsense, useless nonsense. Then you go away proceeding to do what you were doing.

The point is… I do not really know what is the point.

It probably could be that there is nothing wrong with counting how many red cars had passed.

It probably could be that maybe there is more to life than observing but to start it you have to observe.

It probably could be that maybe at some point in your life you need to just stand, think, and then go on.

The point is… I do not really know what is the point it is just a bunch of cars on a highway.

-Esperanza Writes

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