Reality Stage (Short Story)

I have always been known to be the multimillionaire in town. The twenty-five year old, self-made multimillionaire young man who everyone felt in awe of. My wits and intelligence made me that man, made me into this well-known person who escalated himself from nothing to well… something. Born an orphan I made sure that I will be that man and here I am today a man who has a lot of money in his hands yet no person in hand. A rich lonely fellow that was it.

This loneliness made me depressed more often than the usual basis. The idea of going to a therapist aroused my thoughts sometimes but my ego did not allow me to do so. I had a business to run and I must not show my weakness to others. So that is how my life is summed up to. I would mask happiness yet nothing about me was happy. I spent lots and lots of money on things I did not need or want for that matter and never did I stop. I showed people how I was a happy, content man that everyone envied. And so did I live a false life at such a young age.

Therefore, my story begins with those reasons. It always happens in a certain day. Everything new or sudden comes within a day. To me it was that day. That day where I was at the peak of my depression mood, throwing my money around, walking around with suicidal thoughts. I then decided that I need to end this. To end my life which I cannot handle.

I went to a drug store trying to compete with my thoughts “should I do that or should I not?” It echoed in my thoughts while I went to one of the shelves. I picked up any pack of pills that my hand could reach and I went on my way to the cashier. He gives me a knowing nod and I nod back. He takes the pills, checks it in, and I hand him a  bunch of bills motioning to him to keep the change. I wait for him to put it in a bag for me, while I am at that I notice fliers on the desk. I do not know why but I reach my hand out picking one up along with my bag of purchased pills and I head out.

The flyer is for a monodrama play. I remember thinking what is a monodrama play? It was my first time I hear of such kind of play. I decide right there to go. The flyer said it is staged the same day in an hour. So I go. I go to see what this is about. At least, I think, when I die I would have learned something new. At least when I die I would die fulfilling some certain kind of thing. I’m not sure how important that thing since I’m going to die anyway and it won’t be important when I am no longer alive; but it is more like a death wish. Like when a person is sentenced to death he has one last wish to be fulfilled. The same thing is with me. Except the difference is that their life is taken reluctantly and mines is with my own will.

I see a one man stage show. A one actor performing his emotions and his inner thoughts in such an effecting way. The performer acts for more than an hour alone without any minor actors or majors. Just him showing an inner conflict in his life. Showing us the character’s deep secrets, fears, moments of sadness and about everything a solo person is afraid to tell out loud. An hour of that made me thinking. I am much fascinated by what I have seen. And a wacky idea rose into my  head. I should do this. I should make a monodrama play. I do not only should do this but I need to do this. And I get determined. I’ve set my mind. I’m going to do it.

I come home throw my pills and start planning. I wrote down the play. I want it to be a reality stage. A play where I perform my life through it. Telling the audience about me, about my life, my struggles, my everything. I want them to know my life one to one by me.  I start calling my assistance to arrange professional advertisers. I asked for a proper stage and light directors. I want this to be an amazing play no one can top.

I spend three months practicing, adjusting, making sure everyone knew about this. On the other side everyone is enthusiastic to see this multimillionaire on stage performing.  However, I’ve set the rules it is a free admission play but it is an age restricted play. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to enter.

Today is the day. I’ve memorized the play like I’ve memorized my name. The media coverage is massive. It is much like the red carpet for a Hollywood movie except I’m the only actor and everybody is here for me. I wait until the place is packed and I walk up front to the reporters answering their questions with a pleasant smile. Questions like how are you feeling? What made you do this play? and so forth.

The truth is I’m not nervous at all. In fact I’m as calm as ever. My feelings are more like a sloth in its movement. I go on stage seeing the place filled with people. Cameras on each side. I step forward on stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank all of you who fished themselves out of their cozy daily routine. Where it is secure and knowable. Into coming to view a play acted and written by me. Without further introductions I wish you all the expected enjoyment to this play.” I bow and they applaud and the curtains close. I stand in position and I motion to them that I’m ready, and I began performing.

I perform every scene like a professional. I tell the audience my life through my days in the orphanage. How my life was a tough one. They got into my inner thoughts and feelings. I wept and I cried and I laughed insanely. I screamed like a mad man, and I whispered with barely any voice. I joked and the audience held their horses. They had my biography performed right in front of them. I spoke my life. And I talked about my depression. My loneliness and fears.

My loneliness and fears choked me up. I acted those days. How my fears grew gradually and I’m just a kid. I acted my moments of suicide. Oh! The moments of suicide. I pulled out a gun and I performed to them my inner thoughts “Should I end my useless life? Should I bring this tragedy to an end?” I speak to the audience revealing my feelings. “I’m a useless drag… My life is nothing without a soul that loves thee.”

I grow calm.. I’m about to end the play. I look at the audience and give a faint smile. And….

Reality Stage Makes it to Reality by A. Sperpo

A young multimillionaire man (M.C.) performs a great monodrama play with free entries.  Almost everybody in town makes it to see this young successful fella perform. The play ends tragically when the young man acts a suicidal thoughts scene and shoots himself with a real gun. Scattering his blood on the audience, making all scream and shout in trauma. Was that a part of the play? A question asked by many. Did this man deliberately kill himself or was it a conspiracy against him by his haters? Is this a suicide moment for all to witness? Or is this a homicide that is made to look like a suicide? Investigation is still running to find the truth to such tragedy. May the truth be found.

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “Reality Stage (Short Story)

  1. fantastic story
    I wonder how did you get the idea!
    cause monodrama is admirable way to tell your feeling
    and me as admire in this art i really like the story
    I also like the way you end the story, It is suitable
    this is always the case with multimillionaires
    their life is trivial and they Suffer from psychological problems
    Go ahead

    1. Thank you a lot!!! I really appreciate your comment!
      Well to be frank I got the idea from various sources, 1 I was reading a story about a twisted multimillionaire (an influence I must say),
      2. One of my doctors a monodrama writer and she introduced us to this type of drama and taught us about it (speaking of which I have a final for today for her, there is a monodrama play to study as well:) ) visit her site and see her work here
      3. I’ve been always fond of psychological, mind twisting stories that I read or make up. And writing about reality stage “masra7 7a8y8y” was on my to-write list ever since I was 14 but the original idea was waaaaaaaaaay different then this one. 🙂
      Well not necessarily, my point is not everyone are happy as they seem to be. A lot of us have a tons of feelings suppressed, and some problems are engraved since childhood and I do believe that ALL people should seek to see a therapist and release their bottled up emotions. All of us face obstacles and talking it through helps into making things easy. 🙂
      Thanks a million,

  2. I asked you about the idea because not everyone knows the monodrama
    although it is significant in psychology
    and it is a helpful way to improve your psychological
    thank you for the site I’m going to browsing it
    Anyway, you’re so creator and I’m glad to follow your blog up
    you are so ambitious ans that’s fantastic
    I wish you a bright future

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