Did You Smile Today?

Around six months ago I started a survey via internet around the subject “Smiling”. Many bloggers (such as Kuwaitiful , HisHersQ8, Q8blend .. and so forth) who helped spreading the survey, many online people (that I know and don’t know) kindly participated in this survey, even though it had nothing to with cookies ;p. The sum of 71 different people helped make this survey possible for analysis. So 71 thanks to all of you there. Thank you very much!! To read the result I have pdf-ed them for the world to view here ( A_Survey_on_Smiling (2) ).

Just so I can include in the picture to why I proceeded with such a survey. I know smiling has such a huge effect on people it is mentioned in our Sunna as the following pictures says:

And it is as well studied in a scientific form where the result that smiling releases some kind of endorphin (?)  that is such a mood lifter. However, here is my own insights on this subject. Before six months I had one of my many crazy ideas to show people how much it is important to smile and in a way to show it through a miniature study. A part of this study is a ten question survey (above) which is not that deep only a quick, broad questions on the effect of smiling on one’s mood, and on strangers (I do confess that it may hold a part of errors there, but generally it is good according to content. Check it yourself).

The second part of the study (or whatever it is supposed to be called) is based on my own actions. Six months ago I decided to pack a bag of smiles and to distribute them on people that either I hardly know or did not know at all. Six months ago I did not know anybody in college, let us just say I spent all my time either reading, studying, writing with barely any human interaction outside of class. Which is normal, it is not a pity at all where I was an introvert by nature. Except for the sake of the study, I started to slowly edge away from my usual self and smile to almost everyone I came across to. At first I was self-observed where  I was not comfortable at all with this whole “Smiling at strangers” thing. However, I sensed through my efforts to smile that people started to open up to me, get closer and not fear my existence. Gradually I started to smile more often until it became a habit of mine.  I would smile to the cleaner at college and she would be filled with joy for this small gesture, this smile little thing made wonders. I really do not know how much the effect is but in return I go a huger smile that made me smile more. This just brightened my day.

People started to open up with what they felt about me. One girl told, whom I had classes with last year, said to me that before she thought I was a deeply self-involved person that has a weight of life time problems on my shoulder, yet when I first smiled at her, that one single smile everything changed since then. Now she sees me as a totally different person. I’m fully aware that my smile is not magical or sensational I just believe that the act of purely smiling changes everything. Because I’ve went through it I could now say that smiling is not just a gesture it is a mood lifter, it really did effect me in a pleasant way, and so it did effect others as well.

Just a week ago the man at Coffee Republic in his Indian accent told the other employee “She’s a good girl”, I smiled and said “Who my friend?” He replied, “No, You!” And I asked with amazement, “Why?” Then he answered with something that made me smile more, “Because you smile.”

I do not know what is your position right now or later on. We all have our days and self-doubt, but in the end I do believe that a smile is a beginning of a change. A smile makes your day better, and I speak of experience. 🙂


-Esperanza Writes

9 thoughts on “Did You Smile Today?

  1. i remained smiling when i have read this 🙂
    mmm what can i say!!
    I think you are tired of the word “I like you” or “we have the same problem” that i still tell you it.
    but i’m really suffer from that and i try to solve this problem.
    actually, everyone tell me that i’m introvert and unsociable.
    I speak a little, if i speak.
    i spend my time in reading and writing and studying.
    I don’t know if you mean the social relations and communicate with others.
    but if you mean it, I’d say smile isn’t enough, you must be attentive to the concerns of others to get out of your loneliness.

    all the best

    1. I’m glad that you are!!!!
      Not at all!! on the contrary I’m satisfied to read your words you can’t imagine how much. You are now one of my top favorite readers of this blog 🙂
      This is not a problem, being an introvert is never and will never be a problem it is just what the society as a whole sees as a problem because we are suppossed to be like them by default.
      You know what? My next post is going to be on this subject and will be dedicated to you. I’ll be explaining a lot of things that may help you 🙂
      And no I do not mean social communications I just meant smiling. I’ll explain that as well. 🙂
      Thanks for inspiring the next post.
      😀 Keep commenting and don’t be shy. I really like your comments ❤

  2. byroad, I’m so positive, so I can live with this problem even I had a lot of troubles because of it.
    thanks a lot, i’m so eager to read your next post.
    By the wayو I’ll post positive essays on my blog soon maybe they can help you to get new ideas.

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