The Innie in Introverts

One of my blog readers, also a blogger herself, Sarah expressed her concerns about  being an introvert when I mentioned in my previous  post that I was one. I found that I had a lot to say and explain about the misconceptions of being an introvert. To be frank, I wanted to write about this subject a long time ago yet I was flirting with this idea and I thought that now everybody knows about it. Turns out I was wrong. I guess now is my lawful duty to explain and talk about the fact of being an introvert. So this post is dedicated to all introverts, specifically speaking to Sarah. 🙂

Introversion and Extroversion are a part of long way study of personalities. To be anyone of those is not a phase or something that you will eventually “get over with”. It is genetics more like the color of your eyes. What does it mean to be an introvert? Introverts, unlike extroverts, tend to find their comfort zone within themselves. Meaning that they feel at ease and at home when they are alone doing whatever they indulge in, or not doing anything at all. They tend to speak less in public, especially when there are more than four people surrounding. And when given a choice to either go to a party or stay at home doing nothing, they will hold on to staying at home with their claws, jaws, and about anything that clutches this.

People like to pity them and in general would call them “loners”. What they don’t get is that introverts enjoy this to the max. They do not see the enjoyment in going out and being socially active; and because one out of three are born to be introverts, they are a minority and they are seen to be “weird” and they try to push them away from their weirdness. That is a myth along with many others. 

We have created our own happy world, where we and ourselves are the citizens of this divine place. We don’t mind to be socially active with people but its exhausts us, we need a break where we could go back to this world and feel comfortable once again. Don’t be shocked when I say that I constantly talk with myselves all the time. In fact almost every post you see on this blog is a result of a pep-talk or a serious conversations with myselves. A big shout out to them!!

Don’t get me wrong. I do not mind having real conversations with people, believe me when I say I have tons of them yet it is only done when an interesting subject (according to me). And when the mass of people increases I tend to be more of a listener because this is not where I like to see myself standing. The lesser, the more comfortable people I am with, the more interesting the subject it is I am than talking. I do not mind telling you my feelings and all what is about me but I feel somewhat awkward doing it face-to-face, just give me a pen and paper and I will tell you everything in a ten page A4 paper if not more.

When talking about friend I do have friends and I do not mind having them. I have three amazing  best friends, one as a co-writer in this blog RJA007, who I totally feel at ease with and I they see my silly side of me. I can be as free as anybody else once I feel comfortable with someone. Just give me the approval nod (metaphorically) and I am totally okay with showing you that side. Otherwise I am fidgeting, probably scratch my head more than the norm, speak a bunch of nonsense words, and try to drag myself out of this undesired human interaction. That or I would be sitting somewhere where I am safe from conversations from people I do not know which most often mistaken as a girl with ego issues. And that I would like to beep up with large red light is FALSE.

You see this is a style where some people find it delightful to be socially active, I see it delightful to be un-socially active. I could be walking in a room full of people and making human contact with EVERYBODY, and in real life I might have done that once or twice, and I do admit I might have enjoyed it as well. Hell! One of my dreams is delivering a public speech, which is believe or not I’m practicing it with myselves, because of something I’ve accomplished. But at the end of the day it is more like wearing a mask and going around pretending to be someone that I am not. Being social is just not me. II dwell in living with me and my innie (inner self), and this my dear friends/viewers/ readers/ aliens/ or whoever you are is okay. This is not weird or unacceptable. This is happy little me.

People might go around and point out that this is out of the norm or the “supposed to be person” but really? really? Extroverts stop nudging introverts because guess what? Even though you are the privileged type in this world/society, we are as important to this world as you are. Without introverts there would not be any analytic/mind-blowing discoveries. Because they tend to think out-of the box. People like Einstein, Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, or many other famous introvert temperament people accomplished a lot in their lives.

The message that I’m trying to deliver here is that: if you are an introvert there is nothing wrong with you. You are the way you are because you are special. Be confident of yourself and being alone is your source of energy do not feel guilty about it. Been there done that. And extroverts even though you are extraordinary species that does not make you the only ones on this planet. There are other special ones other than you guys. Give us a break and accept us for who we are. We are normal but in our own way. Got it? Get it? Good! 😀

You will see that all over this post I have provided you with as many useful links as I can get my hand on to ( oh wait!! here is another one here and here) check them out and read them, it might deliver the idea better than me. Here (Upside_of_being_an_introvert ) is an article I’ve PDFed a long time ago and I do not remember where did I bring it from read it if you can. Lastly, I would like to leave you with one of my favorite introverts out there (YUP CHARLIE <3!!) who says it better about introverts ( one of the reasons why I hesitated about doing this post is because of him. Since he has done it why should I? Get it?) and you whatever he says is true about me, and maybe almost all introverts out there. 🙂

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “The Innie in Introverts

  1. Esperanza, thank u, thank u, thank u…..
    i can’t find words to thank you!
    You make me feel better about myself
    and you always find a way to put a smile on my face.
    i feel like you was talking about myself, it was really myself!!
    I’m really glad to find someone like me,
    because i always consider myself weird and eccentric
    I really appreciate your post
    and I’ll never forget this
    thank you again from the deepest part of my heart..
    I wish you a bright future and life full of happiness and success
    All the best

    1. Don’t mention it dear .. We all fall in the same category.
      You are not.. you are just unique besides even if you are weird my idea of weirdness is this exaclty ( ).
      Be confident and go on with you are life.
      Don’t thank me at all it is my pleasure really. Btw I do advice you to do the MBTI personality test it will help you know a lot more about yourself, thing that you did not know 😀
      May Allah Bless you. Thank you!

  2. I don’t know it really
    this is the first time I read about it
    I did a test in this site (
    and this is the results:
    Introverted (I) 89% Extraverted (E) 11%
    Intuitive (N) 64% Sensing (S) 36%
    Thinking (T) 65% Feeling (F) 35%
    Judging (J) 59% Perceiving (P) 41%

    but i’m searching for another site.

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