My Life by Me

My Life by Me

I asked my sisters to look at the drawing above and to tell me what they thought it was about. They were confused and maybe they lack the imagination element that they asked me to explain it however, I refused. Another sister said I’m probably sending a message that I am schizophrenic ;p. Anyway the following is maybe an explanation. Enjoy!

Curious, were they

about the book that I wrote

I wrote a book called “My Life”.

Curious, were they.

The Ghost who had no legs,

The Mask who had no body,

The Zombie who came out of the dirt,

and The Clown, his face undecided expression.

Curious, were they to look inside “My Life”,

Let I them look inside,

So they looked, heard, snickered, pointed, reached,

corrected my un-mistaken mistake,

Forgetting that they were with no legs, no bodies, no soul,

undecided expression and so much more.

Let I them look inside,

Them corrupt I, will not.

“My Life” is for me, them not.

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “My Life by Me

  1. it’s childish poem
    it seems like you was thinking in your life and review the tape of it
    During that you was saying that you’re special and different from everyone.
    you drew mysterious lines and graphics.
    but sure, they have many meanings.
    I know this situation well.
    I’ m going to read it again to understand what it means precisely.
    I really like it because I’m fond of mystery.

    1. Your explanation is beautiful. I’m not going to say if it is right or wrong bcz there is no right or wrong. The point of me not explaining it is because it ruins the whole thing. The first thing we learn about literature it is up to all interpretations and how do you see it.
      What you see is important to you.
      Nice words.. Can’t wait for your rest of analyzing this poem 😀
      Thank you glad you like it 😀

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