It is very ironic how we find happiness in little things even if we were in a big crisis….That’s what I realized yesterday when one of my prayers was “Partially” answered and I am waiting for the rest of it to become true.

During the course of our lives, we go through ups and downs, and no one is excluded from that fact, you can’t run away from it, it will chase and find you no matter who you are.

I myself am going through some “Downs”, and that has been the case for over a year….it sounds so miserable and frustrating, to the extent that at certain points I wished I were dead;  because to me the idea of “no longer existing” seemed to be the best way not to experience those unpleasant events of “Downs”, however, due to my knowledge that “ there’s an up for every down” I realized how lucky I am to be alive, and now am impatiently waiting for the great upcoming events brought to me by the “Ups” that life promised I would experience one day. 

Though am sure that life would keep its promise, however, I find myself puzzled with tens of questions about the “Whens” and “Hows” of the promised “Victory” that comes with the “Ups”….I start asking ; For how long I’ll keep going through downs and finally reach to the Ups? When will I hit the “Rock bottom”? Is it going to be too harsh? Am I going to cope with it? Are the “Ups” going to be pleasant enough to make it up for what I have suffered during the “Down” period of my life?…..etc.

 Time passes by and unpleasant events keep happening to you, tension rises, disappointment and lack of hope seem to be your only two companions in this journey, tears are shed every now and then, support is searched for, friends and family are consulted, a helping hand is required, the sense of security is desired, shocks and surprises dazzle you, speechless becomes your status, smiles and laughs are faked, questions rule your brain, emotions control your heart,  days feel longer and endless, time doesn’t seem to pass, loneliness is what you feel even if surrounded by tens of people,  happiness seems unreachable, tomorrow is not thought about, surviving the day becomes your daily challenge, painful and probably forgotten memories are remembered, the value of the happy days and moments are more appreciated and understood, prayers are told more often, regular problems become harder to cope with, solutions are searched for, decisions become harder to make, options get limited and sometimes too many that no single option seems to be the best, complains become infinite, blessing are all forgotten about, others do not concern you, life seems unfair to you, others and their problems are not seen by you, the entire universe seems to rebel against you and only you, changes occur, mostly unpleasant ones, undesired alternatives merge but you go with for you to have no other option, the smallest things drive you crazy, little issues are exaggerated, peace of mind is needed but not found…..Among all these, there comes a moment when only one pleasant event takes place, one prayer being answered, and in a very surprising and extremely quick way, that frown on your face turns into a smile, and for a few minutes, if not for the whole day, all those emotions and changes brought by the “Downs” in your life just vanish away, for them you feel exist no more or were not there in the first place…..I find it quit ironic how that “One” answered prayer made all my pain and misery fade away within a fraction of a second….obviously it’s not about the size, it’s about the strength of the impact that made the light of hope shine again in my life, and brought back that smile I myself haven’t seen in a long time…

Despite of what I am going through, I can positively say the following “ I AM HAPPY” followed by a smile that is the result of the peace of my mind…. I feel fresh and new as if I was just born.

If I haven’t experienced this event yesterday I wouldn’t be sharing with you a lesson I have learned and an advice I would like to give…….. Search for your happiness because you will surely find it somewhere and somehow, don’t be deceived by the magnitude of events or the negative energy you are surrounded with, even bad things have a bit of good in them, only if you believe so, and always remember, it is not about the size, it’s about the strength of impact…



One thought on “Irony

  1. Life is about ups and downs although it might seem that the downs r a never ending cycle but with the downs in our lives we wont appreciate the ups and the simple smiles that we have never the less appreciate our achievements and our endless persuite to happniess.

    Some times the hunt is more fun and enjoyable that the prize itself and the same goes for happiness and goals.

    We all sufer of ups and downs but with out the downs we can never grow strong in life & life is about experients and how we learn from our mistakes.

    Hope ur down cycle ends soon so u may enjoy the up cycle again.

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