Bear My Thoughts (Pun Intended)

I have disappeared the past couple of months into a vacuum. However, I have not disappeared because of nothing but because all my energy has been focused on writing essays for my subjects on a weekly basis and whenever I got free time I would prefer spending it with putting my brains on a snooze mode.

Here, I am finally free (technically I was free a week ago) and I am in a holiday. It has been hectic trying to pull in everything I missed on out since the semester has started and doing the things that I love. Like watching movies where during the course I have alternated it with YouTube videos just to spare the time- because I could not just simply sit down and watch a movie for a period of time (even though I did it on rare basis). Reading, I miss reading outside materials that does not involve anything related to college, every time I attempt to pick a book a find myself not having time to read it and read college material- or feeling guilty that I am not reading the “suppose to read” stuff on the price of “self enjoyment” material. Add to that, writing outside stuff like writing this post- or simply just pouring my thoughts without thinking twice about what I should be or should not be writing and how “formal” the essay should be. Or that it should be flawless of grammatical errors (which will you be seeing a lot in this blog because I do not revise twice upon the post I have written- it is informal and I’m free to speak hence, no grading) just to be to the point and valid with the points I’m stating. It is kind of frustrating at times especially when each doctor had his/her own way of approving which is a good essay and which is not.

Lastly, hibernating- yes like a bear. Before getting into the hibernating “criteria”. I would like to explain to you why do I think I would have been a bear in my past-life (that is assuming I believe in reincarnation, in which I don’t believe):

Yes, this cute little bear. -on the right
Yes, this cute little bear. -on the right
  1. I was originally fat- so now I am a slimmer bear.
  2. I am cuddly. I love hugs and I give decent hugs to my loved ones. I am hug-able just like when you see a bear you have the urge to huge it– that is me (or I have been told so).
  3. I do not know how much credible is this bit of information- but according to “Winnie-the-Pooh” it is VERY credible. Bears love honey and honey is a sweet-on-the-tongue product. I love sweet-on-the-tongue food. You do the math.
  4. Just like a bear I appear very calm and tranquil- I could not hurt a fly. However, just like a bear once you disturb me- make me reach to the peak-est point of anger I turn from the cute cuddly bear to this bear:
    an outraged Grizzly
    an outraged Grizzly


  5. One time I wanted to get me a nickname (like ages ago) for a forum site and out of the blue I named myself “Polar Bear”. I do not know about you but if Freud would say something about my Id wanting to say something about  an attachment with bears.

    Hibernation. One of my wishes-dreams-fantasies I have in life is to be able to hibernate just like bears. I love being lazy and I wish I could just cuddle up in a cave…er my bed (especially that it is winter) with food surrounding me and I would just simply sleep and hibernate- and maybe watch movies and read cheesy novels as well- no movement involved- no calorie burning involved.

I know I said priory that I hate vacation – I still do. Except this time I have not taken a break since last semester-followed by summer course followed by this one. To my calculation I would not have a similar vacation until my graduation. In which, I plan to hibernate in and make the most of the remaining 21 days of this vacation. Who knows I might be wanting to come back to college by next week. Meanwhile, I’ll try to post now and then while I take the role of a bear.

-Esperanza Writes


4 thoughts on “Bear My Thoughts (Pun Intended)

  1. Hahaha.. This post really made my day.. Im glad i have few things in common with one of my favourite blogger.. :))
    Welcome back.. We sure missed u.. 🙂

      1. I don’t remember, anyways I’m not that much of a commentator :p ;).. But this post deserved one.. Really..
        I don’t think we know each other, maybe we do.. But I think just a fellow blogger.

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