“Esperanza Writes” is a pen name I ‘m under to spread my writings. Here in this blog you will see nothing BUT writings.

Esperanza means “hope” and when Hope Writes hopefully you’ll see wonders

I am passionate about it and I wish to take it as a profession.

I dream to be a motivational writer and a novelist. Which is what you will see in this blog.

I also suffer from Analytical disorder and Metaphorical speaking.

A catalyst temperament INFJ.

A Kuwaiti girl that studies English Literature as a major in Kuwait University.

Born in April, 14, 1991, hence my age changes every year.


 Additional writer:  Just recently, May 1st 2012,  my best friend “RJA007” has joined me as an additional writer. However she will only write from time to time to know about her read here to read her stuff it is labeled in here. She is a great rising writer and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy her writings as well.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Were you diagnosed by a professional or you diagnosed yourself coz you simply had the symptoms?

    I’m asking coz I suffer from severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as well as depression and I take meds for it.

    So, I’m curious.

      1. I know it’s not OCD I was meaning to tell you inah I have my OCD diagnosed fa I asked about who diagnosed you.

        I will read about it more now.

        BTW did you leave me the feedback in Sayat?

  2. Yeah, yours isn’t but be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand too much. Like, preventing you from living a normal life.

    I’m sorry etha 9ert eshway da3ala bs coz I hate 7eta eni ashoof someone suffers from any disorder.

    1. Dont worry i’m using it to my advantage as you can see my blog is the outcome of it. Noo Not at all a9lam i’m happy. I could see where that is coming from I become the same thing when anyone speaks of meds and hospitals cz ive been there and done that. Thanks a lot dear ❤

  3. pleased to know you 🙂
    nice blog
    it is clear that your pen is artist
    he paints the words nicely

    I hope to see your opinions in my blog
    good luck

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