Under the Name of Religion

I hope this won’t be sidetracking under the wrong way or understood in a different way. All I am to say here is out of love of my religion. I love my religion so much and I do believe in it’s superiority and the justice it gives and it hurts me and makes me angry when people, well known people scratches such a sacred thing. It is my duty now I understand to voice myself through this post.

Islam is such an amazing religion and I thank Allah a thousand times, even though it is not enough, that I am inborn with a religion where  answers to everything lies there. Where we have the sacred Holy Quran as our source. Islam is beautiful and that is a fact.

Lately as we go on with science and discoveries and everything that blows the mind we come to meet people who opposes it “under the name of religion” that this is forbidden or haram without any evidence to whatever they are submitting. The one and only source to their saying is a formulated opinion of theirs under whatever they see and think, over the surface, is wrong. Now I do not mean the obvious things that Allah and his Prophet Muhammad ( Sallah Allah Alaihi wa Salam) stated as it is there is no questioning  it. Yet here I’m talking about the evolve of science about people trying so hard and go on with their analysis and then BAM someone corrupts the name of religion and says “You know what this is haram” when they know nothing about this new thing.

Allow me to state an example when magicians came out they opposed them and said that they probably working with demons or “Jinn” and the truth is all of this is just allusion trying to trick you . You think they would show you their tricks? Of course not then what is the use if they reveal their things? This is just a stupid example but this is the truth everything new comes out someone goes out and shouts “This is forbidden”.

I’m a religious person. I believe in everything that Allah stated is right and justice without questioning it, here I’m not opposing religion I’m only opposing certain people who under the name of Islam pass their own judgment. Allah the Almighty said:

 (وَمَا أُوتِيتُمْ مِنَ الْعِلْمِ إِلَّا قَلِيلًا) [الإسراء: 85].

Allah says that we still have a long run to discover all the knowledge that is on earth and even then we won’t find it. So why go against all the knew discoveries when Allah and his Prophet encourged us to search and to make  earth a better place:

عن أنسٍ رضيَ الله عنه عن النبي (صلى الله عليه و سلم)  قال :

( إِنْ قَامَتْ السَّاعَةُ وَفي ِيَدِ أَحَدِكُمْ فَسِيلَةٌ ،فَإِنْ اسْتَطَاعَ أَنْ لَا يَقُومَ حَتَّى يَغْرِسَهَا؛ فَلْيَغْرِسْها )‏.

Ages ago people thought that the earth is flat, now with technology and new sciences we know that the earth is rounded. Who knows what will be discovered in the next years. If science had stopped the world would have stopped. If you want to state your own opinion that you did not like something, be my guest and say whatever you want you are free. Formulate your opinion as you want just don’t say it under the name of religion, do not go on and saying nonsense over things you do not own any knowledge of. If you see a certain thing that you think goes against our religion then go deep, look into it, provide it with evidence from the Quran and the Sunna, then you have the right to have a say under religion. Otherwise, you are not entitled to scratch such a sacred thing. Islam is rich. It is beautiful. It is justice. It is created by the creator Allah (Subhanah Wa Ta’ala) why wouldn’t be fair?

This is a post defending Islam, my beloved religion.

-Esperanza Writes

رفرفت حول عنقي فراشة

رفرفت حول عنقي فراشة ,

ثم رست على أذني,

و همست بكلماتٍ أسطوريه,

بلغة هليغروفيه,

قالت “سيدتي إنني أحمل رسالة,

رسالة كتبت بحروف من ماء المشاعر,

تقول: إنني مشتاق, و عذرا لاشتياقي,

عذرا أقولها بوجع, عذرا,

عذرا لأني أشتاق لرؤية شعاع وجهك,

عذرا لأني أحن لكلمة “نحن”,

عذرا لأني أحتضن ذكراك,

عذرا لأني أريد ملامسة أناملك,

عذرا… عذرا… لم أقصد الاعتذار,

لِمَ أعتذر لمشاعر تبث  من الجوف البعيد,

تحمل صدا الصارخ “مشتاق… مشتاق… مشتاق!”,

عذرا… لكنني, و أقولها بحرقةٍ, مشتاق”.”

و سكتت الفراشة, و رفرفت بعييييدا… بعيدا,

تاركة ً خلفها … رسالة.

 -أسبيرنزا رايتس

Outraged Writer

Today I was really hoping to be writing something genuine, since I’ve been slacking in that field and I have no idea what has gone into me. On Mons and Weds I only have one 8 am class which mostly shows why I was really hoping I would use those days into expanding my writings and blog more often and my readers would be satisfied with something light to read. Except that wasn’t the case and you could see how much I’ve been beating up myself, mentally that is, in not writing and the fact my viewers did not come back to the amount it was since I moved from my old blog.

I thought to myself maybe I should sleep on the idea of thinking of what to write about since I’ve bits and bobs about what I write and I somehow believed that I would actually will dream of something, in my nap and Viola would be writing an exquisite article. So did it happen? Not really I woke up forgetting what I actually was thinking of in the first place, which is the bits and bobs. Then I came to wake up (metaphorically) to the fact that this isn’t the case.

You see even though writer’s block is a common cliche around writers but the truth is it doesn’t exist. It is just an excuse used to be forgiven and I no longer (since a long time ago) do not go with it, whenever I have those moments where my brain goes “ZZZzzzzZZ” “Please try again” I know it is not a writer’s block I just need some sort of motivation or I would absolutely say to myself that there must be a reason for this delayed message, yes I’m sorta of a spiritual when it comes to this. I also know that I have the idea or in the matter of fact ideas looping its way around my aphasia like “why do  i think the romantic period is one of its age” or “the misconception of being liberals” (true subjects I’ve been thinking of writing) I just need to sort my way through my ideas and make it neat and find the perfect place and timing to write it in.

Moreover, I realized that I work perfectly great under pressure and I haven’t had that much of pressure this term, with only four subjects to bare and not much viewers to show my masterpieces to I just become another vision of a sloth and then I try to make that up with coming with new projects or doodling around the internet that has nothing to do with what I actually want to do, which is write! Please put me under pressure!!

Lastly, I knew that the first reason why I began writing is for myself and I should constantly remind myself of that fact and the amount of viewers that come to read what I wrote is the  crème de la crème not the main dessert dish. Frankly speaking that even though I write in English I really was hoping that more Arab people would read my things but I know that most not all are not interested in reading in the first place let alone anything written in English, which makes my job even more difficult than it really is. It is like they reach this certain phobia when a blog has a lot words to offer than pictures that are snapped. And I would really like to keep clear the only reason that I would like more Arabs to read my things is that the reading field in that part is not that much of an acknowledged field and nothing else.

-Esperanza Writes

تكلمت… بصمت [Past Post]

نظرتُ في عينيها
تبدو وكأنـَّها ثـُقِـلـَـتْ ….همومًا
سوادُ الليل ِ يختزلُ تلكَ العينين

وكأنها تحكي أيّامًا مضَتْ،
عبّرَتْ عن ماضي كيانِـهـا بتلكَ …النظرةِ
و بدا الأمرُ وكأنها

تكلـَّمتْ.. بصمتْ
-Esperanza Writes

When You Look Back


I’m not sure where I’m going with this but do please know that whenever I let my writings flow it just has more sense when it all comes to a sighed end. This is not weird it is just my way of doing things. It all comes to this: a spark, a sentence, a paragraph and then a whole new meaning to the world, or to  me only.

Here is where I looked back to things where a small significance like for instance a picture reminded me of it and I can’t help but think how did all this happen? How some people who once upon a time who were in my life is no longer in it and now are just a memory. I keep searching and squeezing my brain of what are the things that I did wrong that made them draw away from me, some sudden and some through time, and I always kept blaming myself for this and try as hard as I can to make it possible but all I get is: I did nothing wrong, in fact it was never me it was always them. I never did them wrong and as much as I tried to blame it on something that I did it was never like that because if I had done something wrong to them I would have been eaten alive by guilt because my nature is always like that: constantly disciplining myself.

Then I realized that their existence in my life and everyone’s existence in our lives has a reason. Every person I say without excluding anyone. That person helped us to not trust anyone because they stabbed us in the back. That person made us realized that they took you for granted and you should never show that to anyone or imply it. That person made us realize that there is still some goodness in life. That person’s smile made our day better.

The list will go on and on once you look back to every inch of a time and know that every person existed in your life with a reason either to teach you a tough life lesson or to show you the morals of life and it just makes you feel that you never have or will regret the time that you met them because if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be the person you are now.

Esperanza Writes