Two Quotes that Should be Banned

If you knew me too well you’d know I’m madly in love with quotes. I would search for them in about anything: lyrics, movies, TV shows, internet, and even in normal conversations I would pick up what people say and quote them. I would then analyze them to my own benefit and reason with them through out my life. Some quotes quite frequently but are not good in fact they are a pain in the neck and they are so irritating!! I still don’t understand why people still use them. Do they not see in to them or do they actually believe in them?  I really don’t know. But here is it my own opinion towards two quotes.

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’
Whoever came up with this quote must seriously be loved (sarcastic tone). I mean what does this supposed to mean? Do you even realize how dangerous and destructive to a person’s soul is that? When you say that you will keep your enemies closer do you really mean that you will keep them by your side, smile at them, PRETEND that you like them, and stab them whenever the opportunity is given?  To me that sounds like a hypocrite on the loose. If you do this what makes you of a better person than your enemy? What makes you a good person at all when all you’re doing is being exactly like the people you hate? And people everywhere  are quoting this and actually following this to the core. Whether for military reasons or personal reasons I never find the solution in being backstabber -slash -hypocrites. Being all drowned in thinking of how to keep your enemies close and hurting them is only going to do one thing: corrupt YOU. If you have enemies keep in peace don’t harm them so your hands won’t be dirty. Don’t do anything to them except being the person that you are, which a prosperous human being living to his own potential. Why destroy yourself for someone who does NOT even deserve it. You see what I’m saying?
“Think like a man, act like a woman.” and “Man up”
I remember when a friend commented an outraged comment because of this quote. Who could blame her this is so SEXIST!!! What is that supposed to mean? Women are not clever enough even if her life depended on it!? If so QUICK get your kids they are all under the eyes of women, quick before they get demolished by a brain that cannot think. COME ON!! A man thinking is good but we cannot deny a woman is too. Each has their pros and cons. It all ends to this: Allah created us equal and perfect. Allah does not make mistakes and  each gender is entitled to their own position. Why should we take the roles of others and degrade the roles of another?
So men should “Think like a man and act like a man. Man up” and women should “think like a woman and act like a woman. Woman up!”
-Esperanza Writes