I Hunger Game You

Have you read the Hunger Games? Have you seen it? Well let us just set things straight okay? I just finished the book yesterday and Hunger games is amazing!!! Especially if you are a teenager and into a lovey-dovey atmosphere. However, the message it contains really really hits politics to the core. It mostly argues the issue of  Darwin’s theory “Survival for the fittest” .. which makes me sigh because I hate this and it makes the future a bit scary to me.

“The Hunger Games” reminds me so much of “The Shadow Children” books by Margret Peterson Haddix, my favorite books then and still. It also addresses the issue of future politics, where third children are illegal to existence and if a parent should have a third child that child is to be killed. Imagine! However, those children are still born but live in the shadows where  they have no identity and there existence is dangerous to themselves. So they stay in the shadows and do not get out until they find a legal identity of another dead person and takes over it but still s/he are in danger. Anyway the sixth book has a good ending that will satisfy you. They are six books in all I’ve read them all except the first one “Among the Hidden” (it is not necessary to read the first one because you eventually see a telling of the same story through the other books). They are really amazing and like I said it is no different than the Hunger Games. Except it does not contain romance as the Hunger Game does. I do not see why it did not became famous as the Hunger Games.It is for preteens-teens but it is really a good read. Any book for Margret Haddix is a good read, she is interested in future issues/ science fiction. My favorite author so far.

Anyway, back to the Hunger Games after I finished it I thought to myself “I’ve decided it is totally appropriate to say ‘I hunger Game you'” and here is what it means. When you say ‘I Hunger Game you’ it means I love you, I care about you, I think about you everyday and I will fight for you till death and that is how I show my love to you. You are so precious to me and if it means going against authority so be it. I cannot live without you. I totally Hunger Game you. So a new phrase has been born.

I Hunger Game You!!

-Esperanza Writes

Outraged Writer

Today I was really hoping to be writing something genuine, since I’ve been slacking in that field and I have no idea what has gone into me. On Mons and Weds I only have one 8 am class which mostly shows why I was really hoping I would use those days into expanding my writings and blog more often and my readers would be satisfied with something light to read. Except that wasn’t the case and you could see how much I’ve been beating up myself, mentally that is, in not writing and the fact my viewers did not come back to the amount it was since I moved from my old blog.

I thought to myself maybe I should sleep on the idea of thinking of what to write about since I’ve bits and bobs about what I write and I somehow believed that I would actually will dream of something, in my nap and Viola would be writing an exquisite article. So did it happen? Not really I woke up forgetting what I actually was thinking of in the first place, which is the bits and bobs. Then I came to wake up (metaphorically) to the fact that this isn’t the case.

You see even though writer’s block is a common cliche around writers but the truth is it doesn’t exist. It is just an excuse used to be forgiven and I no longer (since a long time ago) do not go with it, whenever I have those moments where my brain goes “ZZZzzzzZZ” “Please try again” I know it is not a writer’s block I just need some sort of motivation or I would absolutely say to myself that there must be a reason for this delayed message, yes I’m sorta of a spiritual when it comes to this. I also know that I have the idea or in the matter of fact ideas looping its way around my aphasia like “why do  i think the romantic period is one of its age” or “the misconception of being liberals” (true subjects I’ve been thinking of writing) I just need to sort my way through my ideas and make it neat and find the perfect place and timing to write it in.

Moreover, I realized that I work perfectly great under pressure and I haven’t had that much of pressure this term, with only four subjects to bare and not much viewers to show my masterpieces to I just become another vision of a sloth and then I try to make that up with coming with new projects or doodling around the internet that has nothing to do with what I actually want to do, which is write! Please put me under pressure!!

Lastly, I knew that the first reason why I began writing is for myself and I should constantly remind myself of that fact and the amount of viewers that come to read what I wrote is the  crème de la crème not the main dessert dish. Frankly speaking that even though I write in English I really was hoping that more Arab people would read my things but I know that most not all are not interested in reading in the first place let alone anything written in English, which makes my job even more difficult than it really is. It is like they reach this certain phobia when a blog has a lot words to offer than pictures that are snapped. And I would really like to keep clear the only reason that I would like more Arabs to read my things is that the reading field in that part is not that much of an acknowledged field and nothing else.

-Esperanza Writes


Over the past months of come to learn a lot of lessons.. Well it wasn’t just the past month it is probably everyday in my two decades I’ve lived in. But here is this little lesson or two I’ve learned from this year and I learned it the hard way: never trust the internet. Do not get me wrong I love the internet, in fact I think the internet is my shinning armor in a lot of situation but still I must admit after my blog got hacked a few months ago I do not trust it with all  my writings without my insides nudging me to back up everything just in case, even though I totally agree that I need to rebound the trust issues I have with the internet and I’m working on it here.

I also learned that even though internet is a bad boy at times I also believe it is a source of inspiration when I’m feeling inspiration-less. It brings me to those amazing, sometimes simple sometimes not, quotes, pictures, articles.. you name it I say Yes. And I can’t help but be lost in some sort of dream. Except with the internet you can’t actually really bring it with you everywhere and see the things that inspires all the time right? That is when I came up with the idea of printing out the “30 Dr. Sues  quotes that can change your life” list:

At first I was just going to hang it on my bedroom wall than I saw my college file and I thought “Hey! Why wouldn’t I tape it on the file along with other things that I will print.” And that is how I ended up doing a scrap file (First picture above), everybody loved it in college and kept reading what’s on it. I totally loved it and I couldn’t get enough and I said “You know what? I’ll begin my scrap book and the first thing I’ll put is motivational words from my readers! So whenever I look at it I’ll be motivated to do more!” And the next thing I knew I spend the whole weekend working on the scrapbook and my ideas aren’t done yet. I love working with it and I came to the realization the scrapping is an art because everything in it means something no matter how small or big it is. Scrapping everything that comes within site because you think it is so damn nice, in your point of view is raw beauty. Turning a small thing into a master piece is legendary. Those are memories made. And I guess that what keeps us going on the bliss of the memory when we act to it in the right way.

Your words did not go to waste.. it is all in my precious scrapbook. They mean a lot to me.
words also from Imagination and Bero0Q8 🙂 Thank you !!

-Esperanza Writes

The Cons of English Literature Students being Bookworms

Being an English Literature student has been one of the few right choices I made in my life el7mdellah. There is nothing I’m more proud of in my life. Yet with everything in life there is a pros and cons, well here the cons come because I am a sort of a heavy reader (I slack off from time to time) and a known bookworm among my peers. I won’t mention the pros, that would be a never-ending post, trust me. However there is one little con that I’ve come in terms of realizing yet just recently.

You know how most readers have three status of reading in their life: read, currently reading, to-read (just like goodreads) those shelves are the most important shelve in a reader’s life, they don’t exist most of the time but they are there. It drops in a conversation like “I read the Harry Potter series” (I didn’t read HP books btw) that is in the read shelve, “I’m reading one of the greatest books it’s called “The Lucky One”‘ that is in the currently reading shelve, and lastly “I’m planning to read “The Prophet”‘ that is in the to-read shelve. There are always conditions with those shelves. For the read shelve a reader is really happy to discuss the book and to show is joy or disappointment with it and could talk on and on about it, and maybe put it back on the to-read again shelve because it is too good. But for the other two shelves there is a huge problem which is called ‘Spoilers’. You see a reader (most readers) don’t want you to tell them what is the book about and spoil them for it, you are taking the joy away from reading. Why should they read the book when all you did is tell the whole story for them?

Here I come back to the con of being both a bookworm and an English Literature student. As a Literature student obviously you study literature with different historical and cultural backgrounds, you discuss the story/poem and refer it to whatever you feel like until like that the discussion is directly or indirectly linked to a classical book that you put on your to-read shelve, they talk about it while you burn inside because they are spoiling everything for you and you die to pieces a little by little, and if you are really lucky they would be spoiling only parts of it. That actually happened to me last course the doctor was just about to talk about “Wuthering Heights” as a point of reference and since it’s in my to read shelve (still is) I was just about to die until I got the courage to say “Don’t spoil it please I’m planning to read it” thankfully he was understanding and sweet he didn’t proceed with it. My friend on the other hand was planning to read “Jane Eyre” and in one of the lectures her doctor just spilled everything about the book and spoiled it for her, after class she was complaining about how the Dr ruined it for her.

That happens every now and then but here is this thing, we do actually study some classics and most of the time its the very short versions of it or maybe just the movie depending on the doctor’s way of teaching. Of course some of the greatest books out there are being taught to us and some yes do exist in the t0-read shelves. As a modern fiction lover I tend to postpone the classics till later but that is not going to work anymore, not since I started getting deeper in my major. What brought this up? Yesterday I was informed that I will be studying “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. I’ve been wanting to read that book since a long time ago, I can’t remember really and I also have been fascinated by the word “Prejudice” from the tittle yet I didn’t know the meaning of it and every time I look it up in the dictionary I would be forgetting it’s meaning a nano-second later. Which is somehow normal with me and new words until they click in my mind and I actually understand them for whatever way I used. So in order to at last make the click of the word I checked it one more last time and I said “Prejudice is bias with a bow-tie” and it clicked (what I meant is that Prejudice is synonym of bias but it looks like a fancier of a word). Anyway after I knew the meaning I figured I would read it soon, but the soon was not adjusted into how soon. Until yesterday of course and since I was getting a heads up on the situation I might as well start reading it at a fast speed(hopefully) only a problem, I’m reading another book right now, “The Lucky One” by Nicholas Sparks (which is an upcoming movie) and I’m reading in some what of a rush (check my goodreads).

I got a heads up this time except the next time I would never know what next book will be spoiled for me.

-Esperanza Writes

Good Cries, Good Tears

Every once in a while we need the definition of Good Cries and Good Tears. It is not a shame to want them and maybe for someone like me to indulge on them every once in a while. We, as human beings, need those moments where we could release all our burdens for once and for all and start over again. To me a good cry-able movie or a book could be an answer. I love them and as a matter of fact I actually dig for them and make a wide search for that asking around ” I need a movie/book to cry on any suggestions?”.

Those tears are joy to me they give me the feeling of somewhat a mixture of relief and pleasant agony. It’s complicated to set it out in just mere words and it does seem like a psycho person on the loose but trust me those little moments I do long for.

If you were to ask me when is the last time you cried? I would answer a few hours ago I came across “Nights in Rondanthe” movie and boy did I tear up. Such a beautiful, magical movie. A sad ending but very meaningful. I couldn’t help but think that this movie reminds me of “A Message in the Bottle” and guess what? While I was on the search for the movie just an hour ago I found out that it was written by the one and only “Nicholas Sparks” the same writer of “A Message in the Bottle”, “A Walk to Remember”, “The Notebook”. That man never fails to make me cry, hope, dream and fall in love with no one in particular, never once did he fail me. I am in an oath to read all his books and see all his movies that are going to be released soon to come “The Lucky One” starring Zac Efron.

“Nights in Rodanthe” gave me the hope and possibility that  it’s never to late, it will never be late to make things to your own benefit. It’s never.

I do recommend this movie and every other book and movie written by “Nicholas Sparks” if you are up for tears. Tears are a healthy weapon once you are in control of. Make  the Cries and Tears, Good.

p.s: “The Last Song” was a remarkable book an amazing one, I cried throughout it as never before but the movie was a big fail to the movie it didn’t bring one ounce to the book’s goodness.

-Esperanza Writes

The Question Still Lies..

To many of you that know me that I am a bookworm but my readings was only restricted to English novels until these late years when I got to read a book by “Abdulwahab Al-Sayyed” and if you know me that I’m a huge fan of him ever since and I almost read every book he has written. I even promote for him as if promoting for myself (hell I would never promote for myself like this, I think).

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