Sometimes it is Easier Written then Said

“Sometimes people write the things they can’t say.” -One Tree Hill

Have you ever watched “One Tree Hill”? Well, I’m an occasional watcher I’m like whenever it’s on T.V. I watch it, no biggie, but I like it regardless. I love how they set emotions so deeply (an emotion sucker here), I love how they deal with things in a way that makes you think throw in there hope.

Did you notice that sometimes at the end of the episode they would be saying some wicked sayings that you can’t but help relate to? It is all genuine and well said, the writer I must say is a genius on mother earth. The things that are said is much deeper then you think it is. I know I could relate to and since I’m on a constant hunt to wise words I might as well say those are wise words. Furthermore posts you will be seeing me quoting them into my words, that’s how much I liked them.

“Sometimes people write the things they can’t say” is a quote from it that I couldn’t agree more. Being a person who writes a lot I have big trouble expressing myself in oral words and I truly believe that there are a thousand people out there and more who face similar problems. I might as well say people who read my writings, YOU, know more about me then anybody who have known me all their lives.

Sometimes I am afraid if those people who know me in person read what I wrote. Would it as the same level basis of understanding? Or will they be confused and get me all wrong more than I intended to? Or will they finally come to the relief of understanding a person they tried to make out?

All I can say that I always write what I can’t say. I’m tongue tied and finger loosed.

-Esperanza Writes