For the past couple of years I’ve had developed this weird habit of collecting receipts. It is not that I had planned it, it just happened like this. You know how you find a pile of receipts gathered in your wallet or purse? Well, I just happened to reposition those into a drawer of mine until it became a habit.

I always knew subconsciously that I would do some kind of art project with it I just didn’t know what.

In our “Globalization and Global culture” class we took a novel called “The Committee” by an Egyptian writer called Sun’Allah Ibrahim. We immediately fell in love with the story. It is so powerful in an agonizing way. His kafkaesque style is very grabbling and mind blowing.

With no spoilers here: the story speaks about a globalized arab world in which it is controlled by a force to consume. The story specifically strikes you by it very closing line:

Then I lifted my wounded arm to my mouth and began to consume myself

In class we have argued the translation of the world “Akalt” into consume. Where the translation we’ve read says “consume” another translation says “eat”. My doctor said that “eat” makes more sense but I have arguably made my statement that “consume” is more powerful and meaningful. When one consume it ticks every sense of disposing, and usually it ends with waste of the act consume. But that is only my opinion you can always beg to differ with your opinion.

With that amazing class we came, my friends and I, to discuss my collection of receipts and what kind of art project should I do with them. They suggested that I should connect it to “The Committee”. I loved the idea that I wanted to apply it to the closing line of the book.

Since then I left the idea on the shelf. Until one day I listened to Bastille’s “Pompeii” song and I thought it had so much relevance to the idea. Especially with the verses:

And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love

With that I got enthusiastic and decided to do it right away.

With that I might as well say: Enjoy the video!

-Esperanza Writes

P.S: Excuse my pajamas :p :’D


Over the past months of come to learn a lot of lessons.. Well it wasn’t just the past month it is probably everyday in my two decades I’ve lived in. But here is this little lesson or two I’ve learned from this year and I learned it the hard way: never trust the internet. Do not get me wrong I love the internet, in fact I think the internet is my shinning armor in a lot of situation but still I must admit after my blog got hacked a few months ago I do not trust it with all  my writings without my insides nudging me to back up everything just in case, even though I totally agree that I need to rebound the trust issues I have with the internet and I’m working on it here.

I also learned that even though internet is a bad boy at times I also believe it is a source of inspiration when I’m feeling inspiration-less. It brings me to those amazing, sometimes simple sometimes not, quotes, pictures, articles.. you name it I say Yes. And I can’t help but be lost in some sort of dream. Except with the internet you can’t actually really bring it with you everywhere and see the things that inspires all the time right? That is when I came up with the idea of printing out the “30 Dr. Sues  quotes that can change your life” list:

At first I was just going to hang it on my bedroom wall than I saw my college file and I thought “Hey! Why wouldn’t I tape it on the file along with other things that I will print.” And that is how I ended up doing a scrap file (First picture above), everybody loved it in college and kept reading what’s on it. I totally loved it and I couldn’t get enough and I said “You know what? I’ll begin my scrap book and the first thing I’ll put is motivational words from my readers! So whenever I look at it I’ll be motivated to do more!” And the next thing I knew I spend the whole weekend working on the scrapbook and my ideas aren’t done yet. I love working with it and I came to the realization the scrapping is an art because everything in it means something no matter how small or big it is. Scrapping everything that comes within site because you think it is so damn nice, in your point of view is raw beauty. Turning a small thing into a master piece is legendary. Those are memories made. And I guess that what keeps us going on the bliss of the memory when we act to it in the right way.

Your words did not go to waste.. it is all in my precious scrapbook. They mean a lot to me.
words also from Imagination and Bero0Q8 🙂 Thank you !!

-Esperanza Writes

Pledge: Help Save Baby Fahad’s Life

He is a kid. A Child who barely lived anything and all his life was nothing but hospital. Heartbreaking really. Who would like this to happen to anyone? Let alone an innocent child. True it is his destiny and fate but we all could have a hand into saving his life, the least anyone could do is to spread the word.

Fahad is suffering from leukemia and needs a transplant so he could live his life. Unfortunately none in his family is a match so in order for him to get the match he needs a decent amount of an estimation of 37,000 KD. Spread the word this kid needs your help. Out of moral and ethical points do it make it your mission to deliver his story. Allah ykoon b3oona w ahala.

If you know anyone interested in sponsoring Fahad’s operation please contact our dear friend Q8Rain by email

Read more about him at Danderma and Q8blend ‘s blogs.


Project Hope


 /hoʊp/  Show Spelled [hohp]  Show IPA noun, verb, hoped, hop·ing.



the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

a particular instance of this feeling: the hope of winning.

grounds for this feeling in a particular instance: There is little or no hope of his recovery.

a person or thing in which expectations are centered: The medicine was her last hope.

something that is hoped for: Her forgiveness is my constant hope.

verb (used with object)


to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.


to believe, desire, or trust: I hope that my work will be satisfactory.
Hope is when a child makes his baby steps and even when he falls he continues trying.
Hope is when a person lost in the desert but keeps on moving to find his way back home.
Hope is when a person poor and is in filthy clothes keeps working to get his food.
Hope is when at your deepest sad days you know that one day you’ll be alright and you’ll stand.
Hope is when a mountain of obstacles stands right in front of you and you know you’ll reach the top.
Hope has endless meanings all of which it inspires us and gives us a push forward. I created project hope to inspire others and to keep them hoping for a better tomorrow and never give up.
Help me spread “Project Hope” .
Submit a story to me that indicates hope, a situation that happened and you feel that it inspires other and I’ll be posting it here in my blog.
Be hopeful and spread the hope for a better tomorrow may Allah bless you.
At my e-mail:
The site’s page dedicated to this project is here
-Esperanza Writes

Creative Kids (The Night Zoo Keeper)

A few days ago His&Hers posted about “The Night Zoo Keeper“, a new way for education for kids. An idea that has been established and is ready to rise. I really loved the idea specifically because it included a lot of imagination, which is something I’m really good at I must say. I commented on the post expressing my love and not later afterwards did I receive an e-mail from Mr. Andrew Schofield, who works as a part of the project locally in Kuwait, exclaiming his gratitude to my approval and like to the idea and asking if I could tell other people about this project if I knew some people who were responsible for the education system here in Kuwait, or help this project spread in any way that I can. Of course I was delighted by his request and I said I would make a special article (this one) dedicated to this project, except at first I wanted to try the project myself to assure the credibility of this post. I also asked him a few questions concerning the project and he was kind enough to answer them.

The project of “The Night Zoo Keeper” basically evolves around enhancing children’s education throughout their own imagination. How? Well, it quite simple you see it all about creating their imaginary animals and creating their own stories with them. Creativity, creativity, creativity and imagination is all it is required to be involved in the game, which is what kids are best known for (along with me ;p). So I thought if I’m going to test that out I might need a kid to help me with it, but unfortunately I do not have a kid around with the age that qualified him to play with that, then I decided I don’t need a kid I just need to bring out the inner kid in me, turns out it wasn’t hard at all (I’m only what? 15 years away from the actual kids age, right? ;p btw I’m soon to be 21 years old). Here how it went with me:

First thing I registered under “Esperanza Writes” and heard a really imaginative kids story about this Zoo Keeper who works at night with those extra ordinary animals each animal has its own special feature. The inner kid in my liked it to be honest.

Then, here is the exciting part (I really was excited about it), you get to make up your own imaginary animal with his own special features and all. I created one called “Flying Huggie”. “Flying Huggie” is a brown cute bear that is able to fly and loves hugs, I mean he LOVES hugs (I wish to fly and I love hugs that’s how I came up with him).

A close up of "Flying Huggie". Since the child me drew this it had to be like a child actually drew it. He looks Cute right?

There is no requirement to create an animal before you play, but the main objective is to help the kids to be creative and imaginative, later his animal is submitted where other kids will deal with his animal with his own rules.

The playing section is really not hard all you have to do is click on a picture of an animal and do what is required from you, the Zoo Keeper, towards that certain animal.

After completing the task the child clicks that he has completed it and he gets a “Good Job” card

I may understand that this is not education but it is a simple thing to do, me on the other hand think that it is a wise way for children. Children does not need to be education harshly but rather have them do their own education by themselves and developing themselves. I wish such program was put into schools when I was a kid, that way I would’ve found more joy in education. It teaches ethics and morals in such a simple and direct way.

For more information visit their site here.

I think it was one great way to communicate with kids and help with their education.

-Esperanza Writes