One by one I, Esperanza Writes, am going to write my story. You will live with me the days that I lived and hopefully I’ll deliver a wise message to all those good hearts out there with every tear drop and with every whisper of hope.

Note: this a really rough draft and I post it as soon as I write it without revising, so I do apologize for repetition and mistakes.

The following is the links to the story:

Copyright and Legal Terms

Esperanza (The Story) Introduction

Chapter1″It’s All About the Beginnings”

Chapter 2 “Creating My Own World”

Chapter 3 “Not Your Typical Girl Next Door”

Chapter 4 “Endless Tries”

Chapter 5 “One Last Try”

Chapter 6 “Just a Pill” part1 , part2

Chapter 7 “The Downfall”

Chapter 8 “Fever” part1 

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