/hoʊp/ Show Spelled [hohp] Show IPA noun, verb, hoped, hop·ing.



the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

a particular instance of this feeling: the hope of winning.

grounds for this feeling in a particular instance: There is little or no hope of his recovery.

a person or thing in which expectations are centered: The medicine was her last hope.

something that is hoped for: Her forgiveness is my constant hope.

verb (used with object)


to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.


to believe, desire, or trust: I hope that my work will be satisfactory.
Hope is when a child makes his baby steps and even when he falls he continues trying.
Hope is when a person lost in the desert but keeps on moving to find his way back home.
Hope is when a person poor and is in filthy clothes keeps working to get his food.
Hope is when at your deepest sad days you know that one day you’ll be alright and you’ll stand.
Hope is when a mountain of obstacles stands right in front of you and you know you’ll reach the top.
Hope has endless meanings all of which it inspires us and gives us a push forward. I created project hope to inspire others and to keep them hoping for a better tomorrow and never give up.
Help me spread “Project Hope” .
Submit a story to me that indicates hope, a situation that happened and you feel that it inspires other and I’ll be posting it here in my blog.
Be hopeful and spread the hope for a better tomorrow may Allah bless you.
At my e-mail:

3 thoughts on “Project Hope

  1. Good step
    lovely idea…..
    to make someone hopeful is a heroic making
    go ahead….
    I’ll support you at least by encouragement
    but i don’t know, do you want a story that happens with me
    or a common story like “Success Stories”??

    all the best

    1. thank you a lot that means a lot to me!!
      well a true event that happened to you even if it is such a trifling thing that made u hopeful.. or a story that effected you just mention how it did effect you 🙂
      Thanks again 🙂

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