For the past couple of years I’ve had developed this weird habit of collecting receipts. It is not that I had planned it, it just happened like this. You know how you find a pile of receipts gathered in your wallet or purse? Well, I just happened to reposition those into a drawer of mine until it became a habit.

I always knew subconsciously that I would do some kind of art project with it I just didn’t know what.

In our “Globalization and Global culture” class we took a novel called “The Committee” by an Egyptian writer called Sun’Allah Ibrahim. We immediately fell in love with the story. It is so powerful in an agonizing way. His kafkaesque style is very grabbling and mind blowing.

With no spoilers here: the story speaks about a globalized arab world in which it is controlled by a force to consume. The story specifically strikes you by it very closing line:

Then I lifted my wounded arm to my mouth and began to consume myself

In class we have argued the translation of the world “Akalt” into consume. Where the translation we’ve read says “consume” another translation says “eat”. My doctor said that “eat” makes more sense but I have arguably made my statement that “consume” is more powerful and meaningful. When one consume it ticks every sense of disposing, and usually it ends with waste of the act consume. But that is only my opinion you can always beg to differ with your opinion.

With that amazing class we came, my friends and I, to discuss my collection of receipts and what kind of art project should I do with them. They suggested that I should connect it to “The Committee”. I loved the idea that I wanted to apply it to the closing line of the book.

Since then I left the idea on the shelf. Until one day I listened to Bastille’s “Pompeii” song and I thought it had so much relevance to the idea. Especially with the verses:

And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love

With that I got enthusiastic and decided to do it right away.

With that I might as well say: Enjoy the video!

-Esperanza Writes

P.S: Excuse my pajamas :p :’D

The Art of Procrastinating

“pro·cras·ti·na·tion” – The act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

Procrastination is one of the very awful sicknesses that we all suffer from, specifically speaking: I suffer from. Everything that you should be doing right now you don’t do and work on something irrelevant just to run away from it. Yet on the other hand I think procrastinating is an art, and here is why:

When we procrastinate we usually delay a work that is bothering us and we tend to hate doing it right now or even think of it because it causes us stress. As a result we do other stuff and our mind goes all over the place trying to find things to do, in piles, just to fill up the time span between the actual work you need to finish and the deadline with anything and everything. (Like you see in the youtube video (above) for my most favorite youtubers ever called Charlie where he talks about the issue of procrastinating from his perspective. He is amazing I love him and I think I have a crush on him ;p watch it you won’t regret it). Most of things you come up with could be as useless as you’ve ever thought anything could be. However some probabilities do break down the expectations and in between the many things you do, (hold on a second I’m hearing gun shots outside……. Ok back again), you find one or more creative things that you’ve came up with right on the spot!! That, my dear readers that just popped in here to read a humble yet most probably useful post, I call: The Art of Procrastinating.

Take me for instance, I’m a somewhat huge procrastinator and usually when I delay my college work I end up with a well-written post and/or a scrapbook. Sometimes I would be reading articles irrelevant to my work and a new idea formulates in the midst of my brain. You see this is the core of creativity that leads you from nothing to something that never came in mind. Even though if it is not that much of a creative thing it is still something, something is better than nothing, always always always!

Later when you come back to the work you’ve put down, with little time you have, you do the work with the best effort and the best results come because I do believe that when under pressure we also perform better (been there done that). That is when the formula is complete and your day becomes more productive, unintentionally.

My advice: do not keep those genuine thoughts out-of-the-way and stare at your work like some freak.. do something about it. If the work is that important not those thoughts down and weigh the most valuable considering time. In the end I do believe if you are old enough to read this post and not only understand it but endorse it than you have the better judgment to decide which comes first.

-Esperanza Writes