Life is Tough, Get Comfortable With it

Earlier today I spent a half hour or so soaked in tears but don’t worry it wasn’t that I was sad or anything I was just watching “Step Mom”, who does not know what this movie is? I call those tears Good Tears. Even though I was re-watching it for God knows how many times I did not expect to cry again on it, but I did and I learned a lesson which I have been trying to teach myself this whole past month because I met someone. Well to tell you the truth I was working on it my whole life and finally I think finally I can say I’m very proud of myself that I managed to master it thanks to Allah.

You see this someone is a girl with me in class and ever since I’ve met her this term she has done nothing but complain. She had had or still living a hard life true but who isn’t in this life. In general life is such a tough fella on all of us no exception in different degrees. You see we all have our lucky-unlucky days but she just made her life hell by complaining the whole time and to tell you the truth it has been bothering me, not only because her complaining is simply annoying in every aspect but because she wouldn’t quite it at all and she is partially transferring this negativity disease into my positive field, which to tell you that I’ve been working on it since I’ve been born “looking at the bright side” and such, but till no it has not transferred and I maintain my hopeful field and to tell you the truth I’m way cheerful this time of my life and I just kept pushing her negativity away. Until today she took it to the extremes because our Doctor today did not attend our 8 am class so she decided to make a huge deal out of it because she has two quizzes today and she won’t be done from college until 8 at night, then some other student decided to defend the Doctor by saying maybe she is sick and she had her reasons and that just made her blow up and scream at her like, well like a lunatic to be precise. There wasn’t a reason for her to act in such a way but then you can give her all the excuses because she has a hard life but no! I didn’t say anything until she came towards me, still complaining, and I thought to myself “You know enough is enough. She is getting in my nerves.”

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Spice up the Romantic Side

While approaching a discussion with a family over spicy food and the type of people who hate them the conversation winded up to end with the purpose of certain genre movies. Now that may seem not relative to you or it is but here is how the different approaches of speech went.

It all started over dinner where there is a certain dish that contains spices that are well, spicy in other words it’s is hot. They started talking about who of the family members did not like spicy food, which I am one of them along with my older sister and brother. Making us outnumbered by the other side (spicy food lovers). Anyway, my sister, which is one of the lovers, made a comment on how those who does not like the spicy stuff lack the adventurous side and the adrenaline rush love, they all tend to lean to the safe side. I objected saying that this speculation (whether it was a matter of speculations or statistics) is false. I, for one, hate spicy food but rather love the adrenaline rush and would jump in the first roller costar ride I’d come in interaction with. She said then that I make it up by trying exotic dishes that no one dares to eat (true story and Proud!) but then she said that I also don’t watch horror movies which is an evidence to me being on the safe side and afraid, mom supports her by saying that I am a chicken . False! I hate horror movies because to me it is pointless, I do not ever benefit for them and all its purpose is to scare us and nothing else. She argued my point to say that so is romantic movies are pointless and they put us into any imaginative side which is not real. Bullshitting our minds with false love that does not exist (that was her point of view), not true romantic movies are full of meanings and depth, it gives hope and belief to life. Even though some love from love differs and it does not come to the shape we want to be but there is more to love than just mere love. So is there is to romantic movies than just a love story.

Than mom ended up saying a story about a woman asking her husband what is an election campaign? He said it is like before I married you I promised the world and did you see any of the promises I gave becoming real? She said no. He said: exactly.

But I refuse to see that love is not reachable; sure it might not come in the suit we like to see it in, but is it possible that a guy out there won’t give me the romance that I want to live? So far I would like to live the romantic imagination I always dreamt of and refuse to believe that I won’t get it one day.

What is your opinion?

-Esperanza Writes